Meet the Yount's 


I have always had a passion for decorating and designing, but instead of making my career about interior design right out of high school, I went to college to become a registered nurse. It was years later I decided to finally follow my passion of transforming regular houses into forever homes. With the motivation and support from my husband, Jason, I am now able to make my dreams a reality.

After the births of my two daughters, Alexis and Gracee, I decided to stop nursing to become a stay-at-home mom while the girls were still young. I thoroughly enjoyed my decision, but after the girls started elementary school I found myself bored at the house. I began to work at a local real-estate office in town, providing the inspiration to take my next step towards owning my own business.

Realizing the potential my skills could provide, I opened my own interior design store, Elegant Interiors, in Stewartsville, MO. The feedback I received was tremendous, but the difficulty of driving long distances to bring in new clients showed as a flaw. As a result, I then closed by Stewartsville shop and moved to Saint Joseph, MO.

As time passed, my services continued to expand and flourish. Just as I was beginning to explore new branches in my career, my family and I had unexpected, but exciting, news: we were having another baby girl! With this matter at hand, I decided to close my shop and focus on my upcoming addition. 

​While working from my office at home over the years, I continued to provide assistance for staging, remodeling and building homes. Now with Addyson attending school, I have plans to grow my business!

I am excited to announce that I am expanding my clientele! I can decorate with my sharp eye for colors, textures and shapes. With the help of others, I am able to apply our combined knowledge in construction to build, reconfigure and tear down obstacles in your home.

​Coming soon, I will be promoting my business through house parties, online stores and much more.

Elegant Homes & Interiors welcomes you and wishes to see you soon!