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Welcome to the
Elegant Community

A Private FB Group for Elegant Community members to come learn how to decorate their homes and so much more!

If you love following me on social media and you are ready for a closer connection and to really take the fun up a few notches, I would LOVE to have you in the Elegant Community!!

What will you get in the Elegant Community?

Let's take a look!


Decorating Tips

Every month there will be some kind of decorating topic that you will learn about. Think rug sizes, trays, how to style mantels, pillow placement, how to style bookshelves, seasonal tips, etc. 

These decorating projects are exclusive to the group and not done over on the main page! (And I promise they will always be Gorgeous!)

Help With Your Home

Post at anytime for advice and feedback on anything you are working on, shopping for, creating, etc. We are there to help!



You will get the opportunity to post pictures of a projects you have done lately to not only show off your work, but to also give others ideas and to gain ideas from those posting. AND… one some months, one random person will win a GIFT CARD!!


That’s right! I go shopping every single month for some adorable home decor items and everyone gets a chance to win! One lucky person gets the whole thing sent to them each month!

tray decor.jpg

In the Elegant Community I provide weekly offerings.

Here’s an idea of what you can expect each month:

  • PROFESSIONAL DECORATING ADVICE - You'll receive professional interior design solutions from me.  

  • MONTHLY TIPS TO DECORATING - I will share all of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years so you can make your house a home from the moment you walk through the door.

  • HANDS-ON DECORATING - We will walk through how to decide what colors, layouts, and items work in all the different areas of your home so you're comfortable with decorating and making your very own space inviting and warm.

  • GUEST SPEAKERS - Each month one guest will come into the group to do a DIY (or decorating-related) Live video just for the Elegant Community! A great way to learn from others and met other awesome small business owners who love to create and decorate too!

  • Q&A - Come hang out for a LIVE Q&A session! This will be your chance to ask any of the questions you had come up during the month.

  •  WORKSHOPS -Twice a year I offer workshops free to everyone.  We mix up what we do for each one to keep them fun.  However, I've taken you shopping with me virtually, given designer tips, completed step-by-step projects, and even had an online live sale! ​

  • SEASONAL DECOR TIPS - As we go from season to season, I show you how to decorate for the upcoming holidays.

  • ONLINE ELEGANT DECOR BOUTIQUE- Come shop with me! This is BRAND NEW and will be EXCLUSIVE to the Elegant community.    

  • GOODY BAGS - Twice a year, Spring and Fall, I give everyone in the Elegant Community a goody bag.  It's my way of saying Thank you! and showing you how much I appreciate each and every one of my members!

  • EARLY ACCESS - The Elegant Community receives early access and often discounts to whatever we are doing next -including the Elegant Decor Collection Subscription boxes!  


We can’t forget all the seasonal fun we have as the holidays roll around!

And the community often gets early access to things like mystery boxes, live events, shirt releases, etc. And of course some discounts here and there too! 

See you soon!

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