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Elegant Homes & Interiors Newsletter-April 1st, 2022, My Love Affair for Blue and White!

Updated: Aug 10

Hello there,

Blue & White Love Affair! Sometimes we have design crushes! Our passion for a piece of furniture, a piece of fabric, or a new piece of artwork is exciting when it catches our eye. Then there are times, we fall in love forever. With me it is blue and white! What’s so irresistible about this classic color combo?

1. IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING AND EVERY SEASON! Like a little black dress, blue and white make an ideal foundation on which to build so many different looks. I love it with pink, red, yellow, green, orange, black … pretty much every color in the rainbow! So this makes it a WINNER in my book!


I have placed this spunky blue and white upholstered ottoman in the center of a furniture grouping on a commercial

property. The setting transformed this space into a luxurious, elegant, and inviting entryway! In my own home, I use accent pillows to bring in different shades of blue. During the summer, it’s bold blue and red prints. In the winter, rich plaids, paisleys, and checks. The ottoman can be used in many settings and is just stunning!


I love to create drama in a room by creating a powerful display, an exciting focal point for the space! One of my favorite techniques is to group a collection of similar objects so they create a visual focal point. Blue and white porcelain pieces are ideal for this because they come in so many different patterns, shapes, and sizes, you will have no trouble finding pieces that are unique and interesting, yet fun! Just make sure you vary the heights and sizes of the pieces so the display is more interesting to the eye!

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Tabitha Yount

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