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Elegant Homes Newsletter-Aug 1, 2021 | Volume 02

Hello Friends!

This month I want to discuss how to bring your Style into Your Home!

The secret to creating a beautiful home isn’t only in the latest trends to me. It’s about thoughtfully decorating a space that celebrates the people who live there. Our design choices should not only be inspired by today’s “it” color choices or furniture styles but by the opportunity to bring to life the story of us. What we love, what is precious from our past, what we dream of for the future.

You decorate a space with your unique personality layer by layer, the minor design choices and the big ones. Everywhere you turn, you should see your story in your home. If I can achieve this for each of my customers, then I have done my job. Today, I want to spotlight three ways that will put a unique stamp on her home!

Step 1. Replace generic light fixtures with something special!

Lookup for a moment. Are your light fixtures the generic lights selected by your builder? Do you love them? If not, think about replacing them with pieces that fill each with character – your character. Nothing lights up a room like A stunning chandelier!

Step 2. Add a beautiful chair for a focal point!

Every room needs one, a focal point that makes a big statement. If your room doesn’t have one already, what about adding a piece of furniture covered in an arresting fabric? I think chairs or oversized ottomans are absolutely beautiful Statement pieces in any room! But for most people pairing fabrics isn’t as easy as it looks. That’s why we have several options to provide help in these areas-Elegant Community & in-home consultations for our customers. Both give insight on how to properly pair fabrics together in a room with my assistance!

Step 3. Hang unique artwork!

Do a quick glance at your walls. Are they bare? If you have hung art, do the pieces speak to you and reflect your personality? If not, it’s time to get going on filling your walls with art that speaks to you. What can you turn into art in your home? Trays, dishes, baskets, and wooden medallions are all great options. If you can hang it, it can be art.

However, you decide to decorate your home let your personal style show through. You'll be glad you did!

Yours Truly,