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Elegant Homes Newsletter-February 1, 2022-Volume 6--SIMPLE WAYS TO DECORATE FOR WINTER!

SIMPLE WAYS TO DECORATE FOR WINTER! After putting away all the Christmas decor, our house felt a little empty and the winter blues set in. Does anyone else feel this way!? I get asked, what’s next? I think we all feel this way after the holidays. Today I’m sharing how to decorate after Christmas! The best part is you can still enjoy some of your favorite decor items from Christmas until you're ready for Spring! REMOVE ALL THE RED! For me, this is the most important step to transitioning from Christmas to winter decor. Red is a classic Christmas color. Simply removing all traces of it will instantly transform your space. I absolutely love red but after Christmas, the only thing we need is just snow-flocked, sparkle, and evergreen EVERYTHING to make it look like a winter wonderland! PURGE / ORGANIZE/ SIMPLIFY! I like to simplify my decor after Christmas. Less is more as you head into winter. This is also a great time to organize and declutter. After removing all the red I also remove any item that screams Christmas and can not be used for winter decor. For example, signs that say Christmas, ornaments, nativity scenes, &, etc. This is also the perfect opportunity to purge any decor that you didn’t use or that you are just no longer loving. You can sell, donate or gift it, but it is best to get rid of it now. New Year, clean slate! LEAVE OUT THE WINTER GREENS! Some of my favorite decor items to keep out for winter are winter sprigs (think evergreens and pines), garlands, trees, and wreaths. Trees that sparkle or flocked just give me all the winter vibes. This works because the trees do not have any lights or ornaments. Flocked trees are my FAVORITE!!! ADD WINTER TOUCHES! Adding Signs that say “Winter” on them, shows exactly what decor you're trying to achieve! Adding faux snow to trays and lanterns just brings in that winter feeling to ordinary decor. Snowflakes are a fun surprise when decorating for winter so don’t pack them away just yet. CANDLES! Candles add warmth and give your home the glow that it needs during these short days. Make sure you stock up on these and literally put them on mantles, trays, lanterns, and in the center of your dining room table for a beautiful glow in the evening. Battery-operated candles on a timer are my favorite! I hope to see how you have decorated for Winter soon! Best Wishes, -Tabitha

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