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Elegant Homes Newsletter-Oct 1, 2021 | Volume 04--Showcase your Table with a Fall Centerpiece

There is something so exciting and calming about Fall for me. Maybe it comes from growing up in a small, Midwest town, where the trees turned spectacular shades of scarlet, amber, and orange. Where apple orchards were bursting with juicy fruit ready for a caramel apple. Or maybe it was the excitement of football game days in our small community. Fall just feels like home, familiar and friendly.

Tabitha holding a white pumpkin standing in front of a fireplace with orange tree leaves

To help you bring the beauty of Fall into your home, I wanted to show you one of the centerpieces I have done over the years for Fall.

Table decorated with plates, sign, large blue vases and sunflowers

This lovely fall table features one of my favorite tricks: Place two gorgeous vases at your table’s center and fill them with sticks from your yard & fall foliage. To make the fakes feel lifelike, bend them around, so they look as they do in nature, ascending and descending, twisting and turning on the tree branches.

large blue and white vases with tree sticks in them sitting on a table.