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Welcome to the Elegant Homes Newsletter!

Hello Friends!

I'm so excited that you took a moment and joined our Elegant Homes Newsletter. I'm taking a moment to introduce myself and my husband, Jason, that we have to offer.

We have been married 24 years and have three amazing daughters together! We live in Stewartsville, MO, and absolutely love entertaining friends and family in our home! Together Jason and I have been remodeling, restoring, and decorating homes for years. Our love and passion for making houses into homes have grown each and every year.

Our newest adventure is "Elegant Community," an online community that serves anyone interested in wanting to make your house a home!

So whether you're looking for our help to transform an entire house - or you want to create a few elegant touches to your home, we are so glad that you're here!

Welcome to Elegant Homes Newsletter!

-Tabitha & Jason Yount

Elegant Homes & Interiors

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