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Furniture Layouts

After visualizing your space, Tabitha will create the perfect furniture plan for your family. 

Discussable Items:

-Living Room              -Bedrooms

-Dining Room            -Playrooms

-Den                               -Outdoor


Seasonal Decorating

Tabitha and her team come to your home and decorate for each passing season. 

Discussable Items:

-Spring Decor

-Summer Decor

-Fall Decor

-Winter Decor

Room Makeover

Tabitha and her team will completely transform your home from top to bottom with this service. 

Discussable Items:

-Area Rugs                   -Drapery

-Furniture                    - Custom Pillows

-Storage Pieces           -Accessories


Holiday Decorating

Welcome in the holiday season with Tabitha and her team as they transform your home for the most wonderful time of the year. 

Discussable Items:

-Christmas Tree         -Banisters

-Mantle                        -Florals

-Pillows                        -Trays

-Artwork                     -Bookshelves 

Color Consultation

Tabitha will suggest a color pallet that is cohesive with preexisting themes in your home while representing your personality. 

Discussable Items: 

-Color Schemes

-Sherwin William Color Swatches

Design Consultation

Schedule a consultation with Tabitha to answer questions, discuss layouts, and receive her expert opinions either in person or online. 

Discussable Items:

-Floor Layouts

-Fabric Design

-Decorating Advice

Consultation times with Tabitha can range between 1-2 hours depending on the size of your home.

Deposit of $150 for the first 1-2 hours
Additional $95 per hour after 2 hours


Tabitha Yount
Owner & Lead Designer


Denise F.

“I'm astonished by Tabitha's talent. She was able to incorporate my unique style into each room in my house and make it look like a magazine cover."

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